Commission for Shunpike Storefronts, Amazon Headquarters in Seattle, South Lake Union neighborhood, March-June, 2018; Installation + project studies.


"Arterial" utilizes cyanotype photograms, one of the oldest, simplest forms of photography. Ordinary vegetable nets, the kind of packaging used for lemons, onions, potatoes  etc, are placed on photo-sensitized paper, exposed to sunlight, and developed with water. I take the resulting prints (bright cyan blue, like the name) and make high resolution scans, which I then rework to highlight their ephemeral quality as works on paper, including glitches and blotches resulting from the uneven spread of the chemistry. Some of the images have been layered underneath with x-rays, which are randomly selected from and deleted in a form of subtractive drawing. Red and blue refer to the circulatory system, simultaneously balancing opposite colors and butterflied, cloned shapes. The images create a cohesive tension, fragile yet resilient, that author Nassim Nicholas Taleb refers to as “anti-fragile,” a quality I’ve been interested in for a long while now.